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Charter Date: 2006

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IWC of Alexandria Sporting


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Sunday at 7:00 p.m. (1st & 3rd)

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Sporting Club, Alexandria

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IWC of Alexandria Sporting Sustainable Projects

1. Clothes exhibition for students in need, Alexandria University
IWC of Alexandria Sporting is participating every year for the benefit of the students at the Faculty of Arts, Medicine, Engineering and Pharmacy.
Professor Dr. Nafisa Shash, (RIP) mother of past president Nevine Abdel Rassoul, initiated the idea of establishing this exhibition since 1985. The proceeds from the sale of clothes are donated to pay the expenses of students in needy. Ongoing project since 2009.
2. Donations to treat cancer patients :
-2010 Uterine tumors analysis device to Elshatby Hospital
-2014 to 2017 The fifth radiological system for the treatment of cancer patients to Ayadi el mostakbal Hospital
-2017 Donation to cover the expenses of brain tumor operation and medicines to treat children with cancer in Ayadi el Mostakbal Hospital.
-2020 Development, renovation, and inauguration of Liver Tumors Unit Department, Alexandria University Hospital
– Donations for the purchase of the early detection system for liver tumors, and the ironing system to treat patients with liver cancer without chemotherapy.
Ongoing project since 2010
3. Donations towards the treatment of DIALYSIS OF PATIENTS FOR KIDNEY FAILURE. Ongoing since 2008
– (2008) Development of the laboratory of Fever Hospital
– (2009) Development of the Kitchen at the Fever Hospital
– (2010) Stabilizer system for Fever Hospital
– (2011 /2012) two dialysis systems to students hospital, and two others for Gamal Abdel Nasser hospital
4. Attention and care of CHILDHOOD INSTITUTIONS. Ongoing since 2008
– Donations for premature and mobile premature babies to Elshatby and Children’s Health Care Hospital
– School Bags with all their supplies

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