IWC of Alexandria East, Project , October 2021

IWC of Alexandria East

President: Mrs. Nadia Mohy El Den

Wednesday,  October 13th ,2021


The members of the IWC of Alex East  attended the official opening of the Nile Al-Amal Hospital, (Nile of Hope) for pediatric surgeries and congenital anomalies in Alexandria to be the first medical entity specialized in providing integrated treatment and diagnostic services for children with congenital anomalies to those with incurable diseases with the best efficiency.

The inauguration was attended by :

**Major General Mohamed Al-Sherif “Alexandria Governor”.

**Mr. Ahmed Al-Wakeel, “President of the Egyptian Chamber of Commerce in Alexandria.

The contributors to this great edifice are:

  • Commercial International Bank.
  • Arabian African Bank.
  • Inner wheel club of Alexandria East.
  • Businessmen in Alexandria.

The club also made a donation to make a full dental clinic in the hospital.

The hospital is equipped with the best capabilities and advanced technologies to provide integrated health services for children to help them live in a healthy, safe and happy life  FOR FREE.

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