Al-Zahira Village

With the launch of this year’s International Women and girls slogan, the members of Inner Wheel Al Mansoura toured the sustainable project of Al-Zahira Village on Tuesday 28th of May 2019. The club president Nariman Abdulla was accompanied by Mrs. Nanaz Tarshooby, Editor-in-Chief Basma Salih, Ms. Shadia Al-Ashri and Mrs. Maisa Hadidi. The visit was extended by Dr. Farah Al-Shennawi who was appointed by the National Council at Daqahliya that supports with the Daqahlia governorate initiative to develop the village of Tamai Zahira, the birthplace of Umm Kulthum!

The goal of the visit is to support and stimulate the work of girls and women and provide them with their requirements ladies walked the visit and welcomed the attendees and the work and carpets produced were admired by everyone!

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