A trip of Inner Wheel Club of Petra on the Hejaz railway train

The Inner Wheel Club of Petra headed by Mrs. Sineen Baghdadi Shehabi organized a trip around our beautiful Jordan country.
The journey began at the Amman station, which is one of the stations of the historic Hijaz railway that used to connect between The Levant and Medina, starting from Damascus. The archaeological building of the station is one of the landmarks of the historic city of Amman. The journey lasted two hours, with the train running in many areas of the capital, Amman, and the Al-Qasr /Umm Al-Hiran station, passing through the ten bridges consisting of ten arches, which are among the most prominent of the 2000 bridges that remained from the Hejaz railway. The trip included a series of entertaining cultural competitions consisting of questions about the history of the Hijaz line and general information about trains and their stations around the world.
The train journey ended at the Giza station, where His Majesty the founder, Abdullah 1 Ibn Al-Hussein, may God rest his soul, declared on a train on his first journey from Ma’an to Amman in 1921, the establishment of the Emirate of Transjordan. Before returning to Amman, the participating ladies enjoyed eating lunch and listening to live music at the Giza Station.

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