A fully equipped Barber Shop Proposal for children at Mabaret Um El Hssein

IWC of Amman During IW ladies latest visit this Ramadan to the Jordanian Hashimte fund for Human development, to donate the food coupons, it was brought to their attention about a fully equipped barber shop proposal for the use of children and students of Mabaret Um Al Hussein, ( an orphanage affiliated with the fund)

This proposed project would benefit the orphan students in hair cutting and shaving, as well as teaching the willing students to learn the techniques of this profession, so when they are of the age to leave the (mabara) they will have a tool to work and survive.


This is a sustainable project for which IW Club of Amman is proud that one of its members alone, graciously, contributed one thousand five hundred JDs to fully finance it.

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