Nahla Qubain Sweiss


I am honored to represent district “95” this centennial year as their National Representative. A distinguished year to show what our clubs projects are. We are 32 clubs and about 974 members. We try to help the community in all aspects and different fields and our target is to show the importance of our district to the world. Recognizing the vital role of non-governmental organization in supporting and uplifting our community. We also strive to empower the community by actively engaging in projects that address critical needs, improve quality of life and promote sustainable development. We aim to uplift individuals, families and empowering groups and raising awareness, by giving importance to their contributions. Through local, national and international platforms we aspire to inspire others and foster a global network of change makers. We seek to position our district as a beacon of hope in the eyes of the world, following the IIW slogan this year “Shine a light”. With passion, dedication and a shared vision, we are committed to working with our club members and community to create sustainable impact. As Inner-wheel all over the world we leave a lasting legacy for generations to come.

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