Mona Abou El Fotouh

Chairman of Inner Wheel District 95 Egypt & Jordan 2023/2024

With all the love and appreciation, I sincerely thank the members of the
Innerwheel clubs District 95, Egypt and Jordan, for their trust in me assuming the presidency for the year 2023-2024.
I would also like to thank Innerwheel Nile Egypt (my club) for nominating me to this post to represent District 95 with all the values and principles it bears and the bonds of love, friendship and
voluntarily social work. It gives me an enormous honour to be part of this great institution.
On this occasion, I congratulate the International President Mrs. Trish Douglas on this centennial year for all clubs. I appreciate the choice for choosing this year’s slogan “Shine A Light,” as it aims to shed light and focus on the work carried out by the clubs to serve the community.
For this year we chose to assign the district mega project to work in the field of environmental protection, where the world faces the challenges of climate change and its negative consequences on the globe.
This, is in addition to the community service projects that clubs work on annually, as sustainable work in the field of health and education to achieve a decent life for the less fortunate, such as restoring homes
and funding connecting potable water and sanitation in villages. Also,
nursing homes and caring for the elderly. Support people with special needs and different disorders. Projects caring for childhood and motherhood, and empowering women…
In addition to all the above, a special interest will be given to cultural and artistic aspects by holding cultural seminars, art exhibitions, and also honouring the entertainment aspect by holding
parties and organizing trips that help developing social ties between members and creating friendship.
It is the 100’s year for the Innerwheel and all members shall Shine A
Light on our community.

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