Friendship Without Borders

European Rally, Rotterdam, The Netherlands, September 13-15, 2019

Three members of District 95 Egypt & Jordan attended the IW European Rally symposium sessions and gala dinner, September 13-15, 2020 in Rotterdam: IIW Past Board Director & IIW Past Editor/Media Manager Ashnadelle Hilmy II, IIW Past Board Director Muna Sweiss and Past NR Hala Akkad.
IIW President Phyllis Charter was the Guest of Honor of the Rally.
The IW Symposium sessions “Move to Connect” were a major highlight of the European Rally with dynamic and inspirational speakers in interactive sessions:
-Sophie Veld, member of the European Parliament and author of the book “European ID
-Halleh Ghorashi Professor of Diversity and Integration at the VU (university) in Amsterdam: Can we avoid homogeneous zones?
-Jeanne Martens, PhD candidate at the VU (university) in Amsterdam: Benefits of networking
-IIW Past President Charlotte De Vos an initiator of IW digital communication and fervent supporter of the importance of the use of Social Media for IW members: Benefits of a European IW Platform

The sessions were quite motivational and members were highly engaged in the discussions.
Karin van Helden, the President of IW the Netherlands thanked all members and guests for their participation.
An elegant dinner at the Laurenskerk Church (1449-1525) with a gourmet menu and a very festive celebration of Inner Wheel was another highlight of the European Rally.
Ashnadelle Hilmy II presented IWC of Cairo South Banner to Karin van Helden, the President of IW the Netherlands at the gala dinner.

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