Friendship Without Borders

Visit of Hala Akkad PNR to US IWC of Matthews 6/3/2020

Hala Akkad, District 95 Egypt & Jordan Past Chairman & National Representative extended our District’s wings of “Friendship without Borders” to the United States and had a wonderful meeting with IW friends from IW Club of Matthews in North Carolina, USA during her last visit to family members in the United States.
The Friendship meeting was organized by Miriam Fisher IIW Past Board Director.
Sherry Harris the Chairman of District 767 and Linda Howard the treasurer of the District attended the meeting with Mary Randall the President of IW Club of Matthews and several other members.
Best practices of Inner Wheel projects in Egypt & Jordan & the United States were discussed between the members attending the meeting in a friendly atmosphere in true Inner Wheel spirit. Club banners were exchanged.

One of the highlights of the March 2020 get-together was a focus on the project of IIW USA Foundation- Give a child a hand and Turning “disabilities into possibilities”
“The Inner Wheel U.S.A. Foundation, Inc., provides myoelectric prosthesis to children born without or lost an arm or hand through disease or accident. The clinics work with the Foundation to also provide for recycling and distribution of myoelectric limbs.
The children’s Myoelectric Limb Project provides an avenue for children whose insurance or family circumstances do not allow them to benefit from the latest updated technology. Turning “disabilities into possibilities” is not a dream but a reality of the Inner Wheel U.S.A. Foundation. Hanger Prosthetics and Orthotics, Inc. with over 600 clinics nationwide works with the Inner Wheel U.S.A. Foundation, Inc. by bringing new technology to those in need.”

  • Hala Akkad with group IWC Matthews Dist767
  • Banner Exchange
  • Friendship Jordan & US
  • Friendship Jordan & US
  • Hala Akkad with friendship candle on previous visit
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