Friendship Without Borders

Twinning IWC of Petra D95 And IWC of Dalyan 10/1/2020

IW Club of Amman Petra, District 95 Egypt & Jordan signed a twinning protocol with IW Club of Dalyan District 242 Turkey, in Istanbul, Turkey on Friday the 10th of January coinciding with International Inner Wheel Day.
IWC of Amman Petra was Chartered in 2006.
The twinning event was joyously celebrated in the presence of IIW President 2019-2020 Mrs. Phyllis Charter, District 95 Chairman Mrs. Suzan Kilani Tayeh, District 242 NR Mrs. Iclal Kardicali and Mrs. Meltem Gokman, Chairman of District 242.
Mrs. Manal Nahawi President of IWC of Petra and Mrs. Emine Uzel President of IWC of Dalyan signed the twinning protocol on behalf of their clubs in historic Pera Palace hotel in the beautiful city of Istanbul.

Mrs. Manal Nahawi was proud to be accompanied by 16 members from IWC of Petra including Club Executive Committee members. She also thanked everyone who contributed in the success of this important and distinguished event, she thanked Mrs. Suzan Tayeh, Chairman of District 95, Egypt & Jordan, Mrs. Abeer Dajani, D95 Webmaster, Mrs. Jumana Masri past National Representative of D95, and the Secretary of District 242 Turkey as well as Mrs. Handan Ozgul and Mrs. Nur Ustas past National Representative of Turkey.
It was joyful event demonstrating the true IW spirit of friendship without borders.
Congratulations to us all 🌷
“Together We Can”

  • Presidents-IWC-Petra D95 & IWC Dalyan D242 twinning protocol two Districts Chairmen
  • Exchanging Flags twinning
  • IIW President Phyllis Charter members IWC Petra D95 twinning
  • IIW President Phyllis Charter D95 Chairman Suzan Kilani & President IWC Petra Manal Nahawi
  • Lighting the candle friendship twinning
  • President IWC Petra D95 Manal Nahawi & President IWC Dalyan D242 Emine Uzel twinning
  • Twinning Jordanian & Turkish group