On Sunday,  April  17th, 2022,  IWC of Alexandria Sporting headed by Mrs.  Reem El Milady with  club members and in  continuation of our various projects in Aswan city, starting with the medical convoy, then preparing the brides,our great project has been completed under the slogan

💧A drop of water equals a life💧

By contributing to the introduction of water to a village deprived of it in Upper Egypt, which is the village of Tenjar, Edfu Centre, Aswan Governorate.
It is a clean water line that enters the homes of the people for the first time; this is under the supervision of the Upper Egypt Water Company,in cooperation with Dr. Wael Sherif Bayoumi Foundation.
This line serves about 1000 people in the area and enters the clean water of a village deprived of water.
Thanks to everyone who participated in this project.

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