Shine a Light

MEET IIWP - Trish Douglas

It is a great honour for me to be your International Inner Wheel President in this, 100th year celebration of Inner Wheel. In the past year, we have been asked by International Inner Wheel Immediate Past President Zeny to “Work Wonders” and you have certainly done that. This year, we will “Shine A Light” on all the fantastic work
that has been and will be. It is a very special year for each and everyone of us. Thank you so much Zeny, for your great leadership this past year.

International Inner Wheel District 95 Egypt & Jordan





Inner Wheel Clubs

District 95
Egypt & Jordan


Nahla Qubain Sweiss


I am honored to represent district “95” this centennial year as their National Representative. A distinguished year to show what our clubs projects are. We are 32 clubs and about 974 members. We try to help the community in all aspects and different fields and our target is to show the importance of our district to the world. Recognizing the vital role of non-governmental organization in supporting and uplifting our community. We also strive to empower the community by actively engaging in projects that address critical needs, improve quality of life and promote sustainable development. We aim to uplift individuals, families and empowering groups and raising awareness,


Mona Abou El Fotouh

Chairman of IW D95 Egypt

With all the love and appreciation, I sincerely thank the members of the
Innerwheel clubs District 95, Egypt and Jordan, for their trust in me assuming the presidency for the year 2023-2024.
I would also like to thank Innerwheel Nile Egypt (my club) for nominating me to this post to represent District 95 with all the values and principles it bears and the bonds of love, friendship and
voluntarily social work. It gives me an enormous honour to be part of this great institution.
On this occasion, I congratulate the International President Mrs. Trish Douglas on this centennial year for all clubs.

Samia Aboul Fotouh

Abeer Dajani



Honoured Active Membership can be offered to someone who has been an excellent member of the Club and given outstanding service. To honour someone in this way, is a mark of respect for their contribution to the Club and Inner Wheel generally. The Club should pay the member’s dues for the year in which Honoured Active Membership is awarded. In the following years she retains Honoured Active status, but pays her own dues.

Members who have had to leave Inner Wheel, for whatever reason, are entitled to rejoin and should be welcomed back.

January 10th marks the commencement of the Inner Wheel organisation and has become known as ‘World Inner Wheel Day’. Members worldwide are encouraged to commemorate this special day by performing some act of service or celebration, and also remember their fellow members around the world. The celebrations and the service given varies enormously.

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